Have we lost you?

Have we lost you?

Have you stopped receiving our email blasts?

Has one of your friends or co-workers recently asked if you're hitting the next St. Louis IIBA event and you said, "What event?"

It could be that our records have you listed with a corporate email address that's rejecting our communication. 

It's not only very possible, but very likely! Since the implementation of GDPR Privacy Rules in the United States, we've found that more and more organizations are blocking mass mailing tools like MailChimp.  Believe me, I know since I see the rejection reports and several companies around town have implemented blocking rules. You'd be surprised!

If we have lost you, and you'd like to get back on the list, drop us a note at Membership@StLouis.IIBA.org with an alternate address and we'll get you added back in!