BADD 2017 - Breakout Session : The Agile BA

Are you confused by Agile? Don't know how you fit in as a Business Analyst?

Trust me, you are not alone. For whatever reason, there are many approaches to Agile but very few initially address how the Business Analyst fits into the approach and how business analysis is generally done.

Are you ready to find out what you should be doing on an Agile project? Are you ready to find out what you COULD be doing on an Agile project?

Bob Prentiss with ‘Bob the BA’ is a keynote speaker, author, mentor, coach, and Business Analysis thought leader. Bob is passionate about helping you think, learn, & work differently so you can become the best version of yourself. Bob is the CEO and founder of Bob the BA Training providing badass business analysis training, consulting, and mentoring services. Bob the BA helps organizations transform their requirements practices utilizing modern techniques, an agile mindset, and street-smart approaches to get the work done faster. Bob is CBAP@ certified with 30 years of experience in corporate America; with a background in managing BA centers of excellence, assessing and managing BA maturity, quality, and competency. Bob has presented numerous keynote, workshops, seminars, conferences, and training sessions across North America. Bob is a founding member and past President of the IIBA@ MSP Chapter. Bob the BA is part of The League of Extraordinary Analysts Inc.