Letter from the President: Updates on Mailing List - Have we lost you?

Updated on 2022/06/22

The issues with our Mailing List tool continue!  In the month of May, 2022, we've seen nearly a 500% increase in email 'failure to deliver' rates, so we're exploring options.

In addition to the below mentioned receipt drop on Corporate eMail, many members have reported their Chapter Communications getting routed to SPAM or otherwise marked irrelevant, without their action.

So, if this is you, first check your SPAM folder (or similar) to see if you've been getting something from us. I can speak from experience with gmail, you might have to dig it out of the 'Promotions' tab and update/flag it so it doesn't get dumped with the rest of the junk we all receive.

Second, regardless of the current state, we'd like to hear from you regarding what electronic communication mediums you prefer. I'm old school, so email is my prefered. However, if you pretty much ignore email, and live on social media, let us know.  If you're a slack user and would prefer that, we'd like to know.  You can reach out to me directly at President@StLouis.IIBA.org.

Third, there's an available workaround for the Corporate Network issue mentioned below. Using a very 'Plain Jane' contact add-in form, you can opt-in, thus letting the automation acknowledge to your Corporate Network that you trust our communication. The form can be accessed at: http://eepurl.com/gd91Rf

Thanks and best regards!
Have we lost you?

Have you stopped receiving our email blasts?

Has one of your friends or co-workers recently asked if you're hitting the next St. Louis IIBA event and you said, "What event?"

It could be that our records have you listed with a corporate email address that's rejecting our communication. 

It's not only very possible, but very likely! Since the implementation of GDPR Privacy Rules in the United States, we've found that more and more organizations are blocking mass mailing tools like MailChimp.  Believe me, I know since I see the rejection reports and several companies around town have implemented blocking rules. You'd be surprised!

If we have lost you, and you'd like to get back on the list, drop us a note at Membership@StLouis.IIBA.org with an alternate address and we'll get you added back in!