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"It's About Your Career: Skills for a lifetime of loving your work!" with Ryland Leyton

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm

An additional offering offered by our October Presenter, Ryland Leyton!

Stop being afraid of interviews, resume writing, and learn how to stand out to the right hiring managers!

About this event

Would you say "Yes!" to either of these?

"I feel scared or unprepared for job interviews."

"I can't write a solid, stand-out resume."

If so, let me give you hand with that...

Interviewing isn't hard, you just have to be prepared!

I'll talk with you about the 4 kinds of interviewers you'll encounter, and how to manage each one. You'll learn how to make STAR answers to showcase your skills and abilities, building connection with the hiring manager. It's all about preparation & knowing who you are!

It may surprise you, but you and the interviewer really want the same thing - to figure out if you are right for the job and if the job is right for you!

Resumes really aren't that complicated. Keep it simple and you'll stand out!

We will cover all the basics of writing a solid resume. From how to make it easy for recruiters and managers to immediately find the right information about you, to answering the "So What?" challenge on everything you write. Your resume will help you set up interest and excitement for your interview & will lead you right into those STAR answers!

If I told you this class is usually $300, would you wonder what's going on?

Yes, I normally offer this course at $300. However, to give back to the community and try to help people , this session is being offered as a pay-what-you-can. I do this course this way once or twice a year, otherwise it's normally $300 as an in-person class.

  • The suggested fee is $20, and if that's not a big deal for you please pay that amount.
  • If you are having a hard time these days, then do less if that's your world.
  • If $20 is trivial for you, you might consider paying more. It helps cover those folks who did less, and it's always appreciated.


About Ryland Leyton:

Ryland Leyton, CBAP, PMP, CSM, SA4, is a business analyst, author, speaker, educator, Agile coach, and technology translator. He has worked in the technology sector since 1998, starting off with database and web programming, gradually moving through project management and finding his passion in the BA and Agile fields.

Ryland is passionate about strong analysis practice and prefers Agile environments where possible. He has built both Agile and waterfall SDLC processes for development teams, customizing each one to the challenges facing that particular client group. Ryland is one of the authors of the Second Edition of the IIBA Agile Extension to the BABOK, as well as the IIBA Agile Analysis Certification.

He is an active member of the IIBA, speaks at local and national conferences on BA, PM, Agile and career development topics.

Rylands’ book "The Agile Business Analyst: Moving From Waterfall to Agile" is considered a standard in the Agile BA field. His 2019 publication of "It's About Your Career: Skills For A Lifetime Of Loving Your Work!" has become valued by those growing and guiding their careers.

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Ryland Leyton - "It's About Your Career: Skills for a lifetime of loving your work!"
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