BADD 2017 - Breakout Session : The Myth of the Silver Bullet

Seeing Methodologies as Tools in a Toolbox


Early in the history of Information Technology, Waterfall was the only System Delivery Methodology that was widely accepted. That one approach to delivery was used for all projects, because nothing else was available. It worked well for some projects, not very well for others. Since then, many delivery approaches have been developed, many in an attempt to replace Waterfall, others in trying to augment it. Now we again face the prospect of one approach, Agile, for all projects. Are we reverting to the one single approach to everything that gave Waterfall a bad name? Are we looking again for the Silver Bullet that will fix and do everything?  Today choices exist that did not exist in the past. We need to select our approach to fit the need we have, as we would tools from a toolbox

Joseph Nickrent is a Business Analysis Instructor for Object Computing, Inc. and for Orion Development Group. He has 35 years of experience in information systems development and support. Mr. Nickrent has a proven track record in all phases of the system development lifecycle as well as requirements definition and management, scope definition and control, project plan creation, and tracking actual against plan. He has managed and led mainframe and non-mainframe based development efforts of time critical nature and supported a mission critical financial system that controlled over $3 billion in assets. Currently working as a Business Systems Consultant, Mr. Nickrent has served as a business analyst for US Bank, Covidien, Nestle Purina and Charter Communications. He has also held IT leadership positions for Forest Pharmaceuticals, Maritz, Anheuser-Busch and Ralston Purina. Mr. Nickrent earned his BSBA in Marketing Management and MBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. He is a member of the IIBA, the, St. Louis Chapter of the IIBA and the St. Louis Quality Assurance Association.  Joe has also been a key presenter at various BA functions.