BADD 2017 - Breakout Session : Earning Your Role as a Business Architect

I often get asked by Business Analysts how they can get to be a Business Architect.  This session will include the advice I regularly hand out about how to prepare and position yourself by building a reputation for business process understanding.  


‘Vat Is Dis Business Architecture Ting?’

- An Introduction to Business Architecture

As a Business Analyst, you may have heard about Business Architecture, but may be a bit confused about how it is different from the Enterprise Analysis aspect of Business Analysis that the previous version of the BABOK used to refer to.  This session will explore what Business Architecture is and some common techniques used when doing Business Architecture work. We will review a few examples of how this approach can be leveraged to provide a clearer picture of the challenges an organization faces and the analysis used to determine how to overcome those challenges.

Barbara Brown Hiles, CBAP CPHIMS has been solving problems as a Business Analyst and Architect for over 39 years, first as a systems engineer with IBM, later as the Director of Technical Services for Alliance Systems & Programming and currently as a Senior Business Architect and thought leader for Daugherty Business Solutions.  Barbara has served on the local IIBA board of directors. She has presented at IIBA meetings, Common and other user groups across the country.  What floats her boat is figuring out how organizations work … and then applying that understanding to make it work better.  Although she has been heard to state on occasion ‘once you understand how it all works … you realize it’s a miracle it ever does!’